Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 2:59PM
Mint Drift

Limitless Motorsports Bayshore Supply S13 SR20DET Coupe Build

Part 1 - BIG PLANS

Mike's last chassis did not end well.  After a hard wall hit at Stockton Fairground (there's walls there?) it was time to build him a new car.  We at Limitless figured that this would be a great opportunity to build him a fresh chassis, with all the experience in chassis building we've learned over the past 4 years.  We will be including some tips and tricks, as well as a few new ideas we have.  The car will be simple, clean, and easy to work on. 

Look forward to build updates as we work through the car.  

The new chassis is pretty straight.  Aside from a small crunch in the front, the rear quarters are in good shape and the frame is relatively untouched.  The car otherwise looks like a bunch of 240SX vultures had their pick of everything.

The interior is stripped; luckily the old donor chassis has everything we need.  Sound deadening is out, making our lives a little bit easier.

First thing thing we like to do is mark everything we plan to cut off the car and come up with a good game plan to fix any/all damage.  Looks like we'll be cutting quite a bit off the front and fabricating a partial tube chassis.

The interior is pretty clean.   Some chops in the rear around the shock tower will allow us to put the rear tubes in the right place for safety and stiffness.  Otherwise in the front only a small bracket will need to be removed.

We'll be plugging 90% of the firewall holes, leaving only a few small ones for the engine and chassis harness to run through.  No more heater core no more A/C, sorry Mike.  Sealing the holes keep the heat, smell, and potential flames out of the interior in an emergency.  A lot of drift organizations also require this.  Might as well get it done with the motor out.

Since we know Mike will be running fat wheels with sick offsets on the car, we will be cutting out quite a bit of the rear quarter panels.  A set of DMAX overfenders will cover everything up, and we will be sealing the holes from the inside to keep the smoke out.

That's all for now folks, check in soon and we will post updates as they come!

/// Words: Alex Hsieh /// Photos: Reg Aquino

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