Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 10:09PM
Mint Drift

FD New Jersey June 17-18

Halfway through the year in New Jersey, the ride gets a little bit bumpy.  It's hard to remember, as a fan, that this is a sports league.  We at times take the "show" which include the drivers, the judging, and the sponsors, for granted.  I for one am a fan.  

I love watching my favorite drivers battle it out.  I love the builds of the cars.  I love the struggles behind the scenes that the teams go through.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the drivers are people.  They've all worked hard and spent what little money they have on building their teams and programs.  

Some drivers strive to finish at the top and put their entire programs to acheiving this.  Other drivers are there to show their builds and style and use FD to showcase their abilites.

On the track, drivers are fierce competitors. They fight with everything they have, no holds barred.  Tempers flare, crashes happen.

Off the track, there is a sense of comraderie between the teams.  When there are breakdowns, everybody lends a hand.  Drivers have been known to loan cars to other teams in times of need.  

I hope that FD has many years ahead of it.  Nascar took 40+ years before sponsors stepped up to the game and brought real money to the sport, making it the monster that it is now.  

/// Words: Alex Hsieh /// Photos: Mike Tseng /// 

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